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        1. 甘肅金緣泰新材料有限公司

          Gansu Jinyuantai New material Co., Ltd.


          Yancheng Hongyan Chemical Co.,Ltd.


          1. Talent concept

          If an enterprise wants to innovate, the key lies in people. For talents, companies have their own unique insights and hiring strategies: the use of a person depends not only on academic qualifications, but also on ability; not only on social experience, but also on overall strength.
          The company has always adhered to the corporate purpose of "creating a future for employees", fully trusting each employee, and formulating different talent plans based on their specific conditions. Adhere to the selection and promotion of outstanding talents from within, we have established a talent development mechanism covering recruitment, training, planning, and incentives to guide employees to grow into talents and develop in an all-round way, ensuring a virtuous circle of talents needed for corporate development.

          ◆?People who do business
          ◆?Use people who agree with the corporate culture
          ◆?Use people who have the ability to work and are determined to innovate

          2. Talent recruitment

          Recruitment Number of people Academic requirements
          Skilled operator 50 people Junior high school and above
          DCS operator 2 people High school and above
          Sewage treatment worker 2 people Junior high school and above
          Electrician 2 people Junior high school and above
          Chemical analyst 5 people Technical secondary school and above
          Equipment repairer 2 people Junior high school and above
          Hazardous chemicals custodian 2 people Junior high school and above
          Deputy Director of Workshop 2 people High school and above
          Workshop director 2 people High school and above

          If you are interested, please contact the company's human resources department directly. Once qualified candidates are hired, the company will provide a broad space for development. We sincerely invite you to join us and create a brilliant future together!
          Contact person and telephone number: He Yuhong +86-15251110154 Yu Bo +86-18893288068
          Recruitment mailbox: 278837842@qq.com

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