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        1. 甘肅金緣泰新材料有限公司

          Gansu Jinyuantai New material Co., Ltd.


          Yancheng Hongyan Chemical Co.,Ltd.


          Disperse Blue 60

          Product Image
          Product Name Disperse Blue 60
          CAS No. 12217-80-0
          EINECS number 235-402-7
          Quality Index Environmentally friendly A grade/B grade
          Packing specification 25kg/500kg, according to customer needs
          Product packaging Woven bags/ton bags, according to customer needs
          Product Description This product can be used for dyeing and printing of polyester and its blended fabrics. It is a brightening dye. It can also be used to dye bright and bright colors such as lake blue and lake green, such as dyeing fruit green with disperse yellow SE-6GFL, dyeing blue-green with disperse yellow SE-FL, and dyeing lake blue with disperse blue 2BLN. The dyeing depth is not high, and the dyeing is medium and light color. It can also be used to dye acetate, nylon, etc.
          Structural formula

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